Destroy and Build

Sustainable soil quality and responsible demolition in practice

Having business or investing in Finland may include some very complex national legislation and procedures. If you are having environmental or construction issue ahead in Finland, please don´t hesitate to contact us.

Since these issues are our everyday business we are sure that together we can help you with your project. 

In real estate business location is the key factor. Sometimes that means that you need to build your business in areas that are already in use. In such cases it´s many times convenient to start from estimating the cost of cleaning the site and starting from a fresh and clean site. This includes risk analysis and cost estimation as well as ongoing planning how to demolish the old structure and take care of contaminated soil and how to handle this in practice. There may also be geotechnical or structural issues in these kind of projects.

We are very familiar with Destroy and Build projects and we're sure that we can help you with your project.

We are in our own field when we are working with old industrial sites like old wood or metal industry areas, old fuel distribution stations which happen to be the most common pollutants in Finnish soils. It’ good to remember that it has been very common to use oil for heating houses and larger buildings in Finland and therefore the risk of contaminated soil is very often present in estate business.